Meet Kristian

Author & Certified Health & Mindset Coach

Kristian's journey to becoming a transformational health and mindset coach started with his own transformation.  After being diagnosed with psoriasis over two decades ago, Kristian was convinced he was stuck with this ailment forever since the many dermatologists he saw over the years always said the same thing.  They told him that the only way to manage psoriasis, a common autoimmune disorder, was through the use of man-made pharmaceuticals.  After being prescribed an immune suppressing medication, he knew he had to take things in his own hands and walk away from the symptom-based medical system and find a way to naturally heal. 


Persistent research finally led him to a little-known natural solution that required some significant lifestyle changes.  After changing his diet, diligently avoiding toxins, and other unconventional steps, he was finally able to manage psoriasis without pharmaceuticals.  The feeling of having clear skin for the first time in over 20 years was like the weight of the world being lifted from his shoulders.

This success inspired him to help others with their health challenges by using holistic, natural solutions that provided unexpected benefits rather than the expected side-effects linked to man-made solutions.  At first, he offered solutions based on what he had learned about diet change and aromatherapy (essential oils) to help friends and family work through challenges.

Wanting to provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach, he became certified as a health and wellness coach, specializing in mindset shifts that created profound, life-changing transformations for his clients.  Many of his clients had never imagined the outcomes they were achieving. 

Kristian created a Work-Life Balance program and began helping clients manage the overwhelming stress of pouring too much energy into their businesses.  This caused them to ignore their own passions, interests, happiness, loved ones, and free time.  With so many of his clients being challenged by a lack of work-life balance, he transitioned to working with women business owners and leading professionals through his Balance Mastery Formula.  

Kristian's journey from being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder to becoming a thriving Work-Life Balance Coach stands out as a triumph over the odds.  He has been featured on Business Talk Radio, Dare to be Authentic Radio, and the Lifelong Wellness Podcast.  Kristian aspires to become an internationally recognized wellness and mindset expert.  If you find yourself struggling to find balance, trust that his guidance and world-class support will lead you on the path to unimagined positive transformation. 


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